Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief

Jonathan Lane also provides post conviction help.  This is alternatively known as Rule  37 proceedings.

While most all criminal defense attorneys are ethical and competent attorneys, it is important to recognize that every attorney is human and mistakes are often made under the pressures of trial. In some instances, it is only through hind-sight that these mistakes are realized, and there is a very short window in which to correct those mistakes.

If you feel that you or a loved one received an unjust verdict after a criminal trial, please contact us as soon as possible.  There may be relief available pursuant to Rule 37 of the Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Rule 37 proceedings, or post conviction relief, attack the constitutionality of a conviction by showing that the trial counsel provided ineffective assistance of counsel, and that but for the ineffective assistance, the result would have been different. Rule 37 proceedings are an extremely complex mixture of criminal and civil law, and require knowledge of the filing deadlines, pleading formats, and the specific type of relief that can be had.

This area of the law is disliked by Judges and the Appellate Courts; a serious Petitioner should engage an attorney to prosecute any post-conviction request.

If you or a loved one have had an unsatisfactory result from your experience with the criminal justice system, please contact the office for a initial consultation.

While the initial consultation is free, because of the complex nature of post conviction relief proceedings and the research involved, a fee may be requested to review the matter in-depth and determine whether relief is available.